Green Lithium
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Press release: Cooperation agreement for the extraction of green lithium signed by LiVERDE and RJR


Your partner for green lithium

LiVERDE AG specializes in the development and realization of projects as well as the operation, management and financing of companies concerned with the extraction or production of lithium compounds and by-products in South America and their subsequent marketing.

The company and its internal and external partners have decades of experience in mining salts, processing minerals, and developing processes and production technologies.

Maximum efficiency

Our German Technology enables us to produce 50% higher yield of Lithium extraction compared to traditional techniques. We also purify and commercialize other raw materials that are usually wasted.

Minimal environmental impact

Our innovative process technology enables a sustainable and water neutral production of high-quality lithium hydroxide. Our production achieves a lithium yield of over 80 % with a minimized CO2 footprint thanks to an energy supply which uses photovoltaics to generate electricity and solar thermal energy to generate process heat. One of the most important advantages is that our process does not require any additional water from groundwater wells in the surrounding area.
We also comply with all international environmental and social standards.

Competent partners in the industry

Innovation and implementation are an essential key to success. To maintain a competitive edge, we cooperate with other leading experts, researchers, developers, and suppliers in the lithium production sector. "Strong together" is a vital part of our philosophy.

The new energy is green!

Increases in battery demand will be a strong driver of lithium consumption. As the transition to clean energy and transport is gaining momentum, the demand for electric vehicles is growing fast. This requires a significant increase of new capacities in Li-Ion battery production to avoid the expected supply deficit. We are committed to support the environmentally friendly implementation of the new energy policy.

Competitive Lithium:

Unique process with high lithium yield > 80 %


Targeting energy neutral production facility with the use of renewable energies (PV)


Local job creation and professional training


Domestic economy development due to local offtake

News: Our current project

First impressions of our current project in Chile. 


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